ascot wiring connector coming out of right side crankcase ('83 vt500ft)
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    ascot wiring connector coming out of right side crankcase ('83 vt500ft)

    I got my '83 Ascot motor put back together and mounted in the bike, but it's not starting. I found what is probably the cause of the problem, but I can't figure out how to fix it. There's a female, square, four-pin wiring connector that comes out of the upper right corner of the right side crankcase that's not connected, but I've been staring at wiring diagrams and parts fiches until I'm crosseyed and I can't figure out what it's supposed to plug into. Does anyone know what it is and where it's supposed to connect to? On my bike the wires in the connector are yellow, dark blue (maybe originally black), white, and white (if there were stripes they've faded to the point that I can't tell what they are). Will this keep the motor from firing? Just given its location I feel like it probably will, but here's what I know so far if that's not the issue:

    - neutral, turn, oil pressure, high beam indicators work
    - headlight works (high and low)
    - horn does not work
    - cutoff switch is set to run
    - fuses are all ok, but a couple do quickly get too hot to touch
    - engine turns over
    - inline spark checker shows a quick pulse when first hitting the starter button, but nothing after that. Same behavior on two different plugs, one on each cylinder.

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    The wires color codes indicate they connect to the pulse generators which signals the electronic ignition modules to fire the coils (sparkplugs)

    Without that plugged in you aren't getting proper spark...... The single pulse happens when you turn it on and power surges, but since it isn't correctly timed, it may or may not find a cylinder with a compressed charge of fuel/air mixture to fire ONCE...... SOOOOOOOO, the engine MAY "burp" once but it still can't run/continue to run.....
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