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CB200 Olive is back on the road again

Thread: CB200 Olive is back on the road again

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  1. HondaCB200Lady's Avatar

    HondaCB200Lady said:

    CB200 Olive is back on the road again

    As suggested by other members now Olive is up and running I am starting a new thread to document rides out, the first couple of rides will be duplicated from my other thread but I really want to document from the beginning of Olive's adventures from day one.

    My first long ride was 13/03/2016

    "Just had a brilliant ride out on Olive from Stokesley to Helmsley, North Yorkshire. With new petrol tap on and the original innards back in the carbs hubby has set her all up and she is running really well. I rode all the way there and quite a way back before I swapped over with him and drove the van. Well I had to let him have a little go after all his hard work.

    Graham would have loved seeing the scooter rally that was on, took a few photos but there was hundreds of them most on their way to Whitby.

    CB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-013.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-irene-s-cb200-clay-bank-car-park-485-x-496-.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-017.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-018.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-019.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-020.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-021.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-022.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-023.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-024.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-helmsley-ride-out-025.jpg

    First one is of me in the car park at the top of Clay Bank some 40 years after having my picture taken in the same spot on my first CB200 in picture two"
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    HondaCB200Lady said:
    Second and longer ride was solo with no back up on 25/03/2016

    "Just had an 83 mile jaunt on Olive. Started near Stokesley, North Yorkshire along one of the top 10 bike roads in the UK to Helmsley. Had a coffee and a lovely chat with one of the local bikers Colin. Decided not to come straight back home so headed for Pickering where there was the usual nose to tail traffic jam. I did not mind as it gave me practice on my clutch control and balance at slow speeds. Did start to get cramp in my legs though so was glad when I got to the roundabout and turned left for Whitby. Stopped at the Hole of Horcum car park to get some pics of Olive and the lovely view. Got chatting to another female biker and she was happy to talk but surprised as she finds people don't usually talk to her. So come on you guys don't be afraid of chatting to us, promise we won't bite! She did say it is usually the young guys who are the ignorant ones, scared they will lose their street cred.

    CB200 Olive is back on the road again-good-friday-ride-out-olive-001.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-good-friday-ride-out-olive-002.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-good-friday-ride-out-olive-003.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-good-friday-ride-out-olive-004.jpg

    Back on the bike and heading towards Sleights stopped again for another photo of the view towards Whitby. The batteries in my camera promptly died after one photo so I resorted to my phone camera but god knows where the cable is to put them on the computer!

    CB200 Olive is back on the road again-good-friday-ride-out-olive-005.jpg

    Great to see so many motorbikes and scooters out enjoying the sunshine. Continued on and as I got near Whitby I headed for home. Then I remembered why I did not like the coast road when the wind started hitting me head on. Amazing how it affects my little bike. At around 70 miles in I thought the wind must be getting really bad as I had her on full throttle going up hill and the performance was bad. Quickly realised it was not the wind and turned the fuel on to reserve and away she went again on full power. It got quite cold in the wind and despite getting arm pump I rode on past Scaling Dam, Lockwood Beck Reservoir, Clay Bank (EDIT: oops meant Birk Brow - went up Clay Bank on the way out) car park and Guisborough. I am glad to be home with a nice hot cup of tea but I really did enjoy my little jaunt.

    Must get my mechanic to have a listen to Olive as I think the tappets may need adjusting now. "
  3. HondaCB200Lady's Avatar

    HondaCB200Lady said:
    Sunday 03/04/2016

    Had a little jaunt out today - 89 miles. Went to Helmsley again stopping for a chat with other bikers. Olive got some really nice compliments. Set off again heading towards Scarborough - just past Kirbymoorside turned right through Marton, Normanby, Amotherby (nice biking country lanes) then on to Castle Howard for coffee.

    CB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-003.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-004.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-007.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-009.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-010.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-013.jpg

    Back to Helmsley via Hovingham and back home. Steve went on ahead on the KTM Duke and kept waiting for me to catch up. I wasn't too far behind and managed to overtake two cars once I got more confident. Back home, washed the bikes and sat in the sun having a cup of tea.

    CB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-016.jpgCB200 Olive is back on the road again-bike-ride-out-89-miles-helmsley-surounding-villages-3.4.16-015.jpg

    Great day all round. The roads were surprisingly quiet as well. Not bad for the beginning of April.

    Really feeling the aches and pains since but can't wait for another sunny day and more adventures with Olive.

    Irene x
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  5. bilbikek411's Avatar

    bilbikek411 said:
    Nice rides Irene.
  6. HondaCB200Lady's Avatar

    HondaCB200Lady said:
    Quote Originally Posted by bilbikek411 View Post
    Nice rides Irene.
    Thanks Bill. Hoping to upgrade my phone soon so I can take loads more pics when I am out and about without having to nick Steve's iphone or carry a lump of a camera that eats batteries.
  7. bilbikek411's Avatar

    bilbikek411 said:
    I appreciate seeing the rides around there as I've never been outside of the States here;I want to travel everywhere.
  8. 911hillclimber's Avatar

    911hillclimber said:
    Love this thread Irene, makes me look forward to actually getting mine to work!

    We are still bogged-down with holiday traffic and a million trucks in the West Midlands...

    Keep those pics and routes coming.
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  9. ctrider's Avatar

    ctrider said:
    Thanks for the pics. Have to say that is one beautiful job on the bike. Nice work Hubby!!
    Do you ever get to the Lake District on the bike?
    One of my dreams, but will never happen.
    At least I have been there though.
    Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

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  10. Gene's Avatar

    Gene said:
    Such beautiful country there. I like Whitby - just N of Robin Hood's Bay if I recall? Only have had the chance to walk there (Wainwright's coast-to-coast). I imagine it's a blast to ride it.

    To my fellow Californians, should you come across this thread, they have a number of Surf shops in Whitby, or at least they did a decade ago.

    Thank you for sharing this, Irene.
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  11. 76TWIN's Avatar

    76TWIN said:
    Nice. I like the colour of the bike too. I am in the process of repainting mine to olive - ish as well. Though, the shade is really called sage green but....
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    Carpe narem.