Here I am, on the road again. There I go, turn the page.
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Thread: Here I am, on the road again. There I go, turn the page.

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    Here I am, on the road again. There I go, turn the page.

    Well I'm off on the road again in another day plus some hours. This a continuation of the trip I took in 2011 and the goal is to fill in all the blank states Here I am, on the road again. There I go, turn the page.-201_4105.jpg I'll actually be going back thru Maine and into New Brunswick before turning west. My oldest son will be riding with me for the first 2.5-3 weeks until we hit Santa Fe. Planning on meeting up with as many of the other Moderators as possible and any members that wish to meet along the way. Needless to say I won't be doing a lot of moderating but I'll do what I can when I can. The only dates I'm planning on the DBA rally in Tenn. June 8-14, have to be in WV June 19th for crew chief a race car for the weekend and Bend Oregon Sept.13th for my sister's wedding. I'm figuring this will be a 4-6 month ride so I'm not in any hurry to be anywhere.
    Just need to check that the timing and advance curves haven't changed on the Ignitech unit and adjust the rear brake pedal. Ran a fuel mileage test today, speeds of 65-75 for 41.2 miles, used .748 gallons. Yeah that comes out as 55.08 mpg and also figured out my speedo/odometer is reading 2% slow. I suppose I could go back in and reprogram the Vapor unit by why bother. So tomorrow becomes laundry and packing day.

    I'll be posting here and on Facebook pretty much daily with pictures of the day. I travel with a cell phone, netbook and a Spot GPS tracking unit.
    This should be the link for the Spot unit SPOT Shared Page if some one wants to test it on or after May 1st and let me know if it's working.
    Facebook posts are in the public domain so you don't have to sign in to read them although they be pretty much the same as here but with more pictures
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    Jim O'Brien
    1979 CM400T "road bike" modified for travelling
    1978 CB400T1 restored
    1972 CL350 nuts and bolts restore in progress and
    Road Trip or "where's Jim now?"
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    Have a great trip and ride safe Jim!

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    Be safe, have fun

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    Hi LDR,

    If you can remember this song, you're OLD! Wait, I can remember this song, DOH!

    Have a great journey, you know, - a proper journey where you go from somplace to someother place, not like reality TV where people say what a great journey it was when they get kicked out!

    Have a good time and we will be waiting for reports.



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    Really excited to follow along with you Jim using the SPOT and seeing the pictures. Be safe and have a great time. We have a lot of members here spread all over, so post up if you run into any problems there maybe someone close by to lend a hand.

    1972 Honda CB350
    / 1978 Honda XL250S / 1982 Honda MB5 / 2017 Honda Africa Twin
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    A safe and enjoyable journey my friend.........

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    feel free to reach out to me in the Maryland area if you need anything. safe travels
    CB350 K5 - Uber Café- Engine build 3
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    CB350 K0 - Full restoration w/Hondaline bags & fairing
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    I envy you, have a nice trip, ride carefully and have fun !

    assembly of Japanese motorcycles requires great peace of mind (Pirsig)
    CB450 K0 '66, CB450 K1 '68, CB450 K2 '69, CB72/77, C77, CB400F

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    Hope you have a safe and pleasant trip, Jim.
    1977 CB750 (acquired project)
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    1981 CM400T (in surgery receiving transplant)
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    Have a good trip Jim. Our hearts are riding with you.
    81 CM400T

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