1975 CB360T daily driver "resto"
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    1975 CB360T daily driver "resto"

    Hey all, so I bought this '75 CB360T in the fall and finally ordered some parts to get it into a daily drivable condition, i.e. not meticulous resto and not personalized custom.

    I found out that the air boxes are gone and the carbs are just open to the air with no filters on them. Initially, I just picked up a pair of pod-style filters from 4into1 just to help preserve my engine. When I tried to install them, I discovered they won't fit with the existing battery box location. I don't want to move the batt box around and the OEM boxes look a bit expensive.
    Is there a pod style or another option that someone could link me to that would work in this thing?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Look around on this site and you’ll find that people highly recommend the stock air setup.
    Yes, it can be expensive, and you’re almost guaranteed to have to adapt something, but it’s worth it for the bike to run as it was intended.
    In your search for the correct air boxes you just may run into other parts you eventually are going to need as well.
    Also, you’ll most definitely see how other people have tackled the problem.
    Good luck with your search

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    K&N RU1820- This is the best pod filter for a cb360, I am not sure if they fit with the stock battery box location.

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