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    That "play"from "stop to stop" is simply because you are IN a gear, and its arc is controlled by that gear's ratios....
    In other words the logrithmic compilation of all the clearances in the rotating parts all the way back to the motionless crankshaft read in degrees equals that arc...
    This would include clearances in shafts and gears inner splining, gear dogs and their matching bearing-transfer holes, and gear teeth back clearances
    In neutral, the shaft would continue to spin as long as you turn it......
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    Not to change the subject but yes the tank looks like a 72 but seems like the the rest of the bike is a 1973 K5

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    Is the '73 what is on the title?
    in the '70's the calendar year the bike was sold in/delivered to the buyer is what usually appears in the title not necessarily the Model year.
    Check the Serail Number Plate on the head tube for the actual production month/year.
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    Its a 73 on the title. I'll look at the frame later today.

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    here are the entries from the Honda ID Guide

    1973 cl350-cl350-2.jpg

    CL450 project reboot, street legal this time

    Budget drag bike project

    Ride along at the drag strip

    running points... because I'm too old for mysteries that begin with pushing

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