Replacing comstar wheels - options
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    Replacing comstar wheels - options

    I hate the look of comstars. What wheels can be swapped in a CB400 Hawk?

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    I believe the 78 CB400 used spoked wheels, but drum brakes. Any of the 'e' series should also fit, again , drum brakes. You might check out a 360G wheel that has disc and spoke, but I don't know if it's a direct fit. You will need to check axle sizes and spacing for the sprockets and wheel centering.
    Hang in there, though. Jim should be along soon. He would know for sure.
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    Yes, the 1978/79 CB400T1 was spoke wheels and drum fore/aft. The 350G front wheel was disc so that's an option. I would not do a fork swap so you can use the 350G caliper, really weak. You may be able to use the original bracket and caliper or my have to modify some for fit. IIRC there's a CB450 late model with a front disc.
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