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Thread: 1982 CB450 Won't Start Anymore

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    The neutral switch isn't making a good ground, not sure if that's the problem. You have a voltage drop of over 1V when there should be hardly any.
    Connect a ground wire from the solenoid Green directly to the negative battery terminal and see what happens, BE SURE that the bike is in neutral.
    You can check with the VOM for voltage output from the solenoid to the ground by connecting the VOM to the Green solenoid output and the negative battery terminal.
    Your clutch safety switch is bad, you can bypass it by connecting the 2 wires together BUT you have to always be sure not to accidentally start it in gear.
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    Connecting the ground from the battery directly to the solenoid worked! So if I understand, this means there's a problem with my ground somewhere? Is it likely a light somewhere could have a bad connection? Is there a good way to check for that systematically?

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