Are these rims unsafe? Rust damage.
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    Are these rims unsafe? Rust damage.

    I removed the old tires from my CB450 project (with a bit of effort), and found that the inside of the rims were badly rusted. I used a wire brush, a wire drill bit, and steel wool to remove much of the rust. The chrome is badly pitted, and in many place the rust ate through the chrome to bare metal.

    I plan on putting on new tires and tubes this Monday. Are these rims unsafe in anyway? Will the walls of the rims make a safe contact with the bead of the tires? What could/should I use to line the rims(i.e. wrap to cover the spokes)?

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    Let me know what you think
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    Re: Are these rims unsafe? Rust damage.

    Any motorcycle shop will have the rubber rim strips to cover the spokes. If you don't cover them you will have an issue with flat tires.

    Those rims should be ok, the spokes would pull out if the metal was weak.
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    Re: Are these rims unsafe? Rust damage.

    Definitely need to clean all of the rust out. The top rim looks questionable to me but you'll be able to see better once it's all clean.
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    Re: Are these rims unsafe? Rust damage.

    With wheels this old I have found it normal to find rust once the tyre has been removed.

    Are they safe? If the rust has gone through the wheel then I would say no. If not I say they could be used at the lower speeds these old bikes normally travel. If you want higher speeds then I personally would use new rims and spokes.

    The trade off here is that they are the correct DID rims which cannot be replaced.

    I have recently had 5 old DID rims replated but they cost £200 ($300?) each. They do now look like new and should be stronger.

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    Re: Are these rims unsafe? Rust damage.

    Where you are going to have a problem is in truing the rims if they need it. Your spokes will be badly rusted at least on the top rim shown. Make sure they will all turn before you install new tires. I've had good success painting the inside of rim with POR 15 rust paint after loosening & oiling up the nipples & after degreasing. Then use the rim strips & you should be good.
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    Re: Are these rims unsafe? Rust damage.

    I would clean and check the rim in the top pictures very, very carefully. If rost has started to eat through the rim it can be weakened and unsafe to use.

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