Honda cb175 manifolds and carbs?
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    Honda cb175 manifolds and carbs?

    I understand that there are numbers on the manifolds of the 175 that tell what model the carbs are. Is that correct? Does that mean the manifolds are different per the different numbers or just the carbs? I see no numbers on the bucket full of carbs I have so if there are different numbers for them how do I tell them apart? Are the carbs actually different? I own several 350 twins and the numbers are stamped on the carbs so you can use a matched set. I still trying to diagnose some problems I'm having and thought I would just ask. Thanks!

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    Matching up original jet sizes, the cl175 k0 are the ones that are 22mm bore but they look different from the Cb175/cl175 k3 onward 20mm bore
    If you've got a bucket full I'd match them by jet size then use the pair in the best condition
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    This may help. Numbers stamped on flange of inlet manifolds.

    My CL175 manifolds are stamped 653A. Identical manifolds and carbs to the CB175 items stamped 306B, so far as I know, just different jetting to account for different exhaust systems.

    Honda cb175 manifolds and carbs?-jets.jpg
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