1968 cb77 shifter problems
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    1968 cb77 shifter problems

    I am experiencing a problem with my cb77. I canot get it to upshift from first to second gear. apparently the shifter arm doesn't move the shifter drum all the way to the detent position , thus the shifter arm hangs up when i attempt to shift to second gear. There is a considerable amount of slop in the linkage outside the clutch cover but even moving the shifter arm manually [ with the clutch basket removed] produces the same result. Any ideas ?

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    Re: 1968 cb77 shifter problems

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    We'd appreciate a post over in "Member Intro's" to let everyone know a bit about you and the bike. Pictures are always welcome and you might stick a pin in the Member Map and see where everyone is
    I don't know this engine/trans but your description says it needs to be opened up to diagnose what is wrong internally
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    Re: 1968 cb77 shifter problems

    Are the layshaft and countershaft rotating while you are attempting to shift?.....(They almost NEED to be.....)

    You also need to remove any "slop" from the linkage if you want "crisp" shifts.....
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