1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank
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    1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank

    I need a fuel tank with the original gold stripes intact so I can send it to a decal place for replication. I'm always looking for a better one than I have as well so if you have one for sale PM me. Depending on whomever you talk to there they are either interested or not interested but it's worth a shot. Looks like the original stripes were painted on and I wish I had the talent to do that but I don't. Decals followed up with clear-coat should look fine though.

    1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank-1969cl450-79.jpg1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank-1969cl450-80.jpg1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank-1969cl450-81.jpg1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank-1969cl450-82.jpg1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank-1969cl450-83.jpg1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank-1969cl450-77.jpg1969 Honda CL450K2 Fuel Tank-1969cl450-78.jpg

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    If you do find one in decent shape, the asking price will likely give you a heart attack... it seems like I've seen some original stripes for sale on 4into1.com - it's worth a look, I've bought quite a bit of stuff there for my build.

    >>Actually, I just went there and looked - it was CB decals I remembered seeing. Here's a possibility for custom decals - I've not done business with them, but an inquiry couldn't hurt. Email sales@xtreemedecals.com
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