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Thread: 66Sprint's Land Speed Record bike build and attempt.....

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    Hey Jim
    I have a 1pc vintage leather suit I still need to send Steve. I'm 5'10" and 160lbs and it's a hair too short for me. Should I route it up to you instead?

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    Send it to Steve, everything is in flux at this time. I'm going to try calling him tomorrow, depends on my ears
    Jim O'Brien
    1979 CM400T "road bike" modified for travelling
    1978 CB400T1 restored
    1972 CL350 survivor restoration

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    I've always figured any future AHRMA "Forgotten Era" pretensions for my "CB900K0 Bol Bomber" would be jockey'd by my Ex-Daughter (my Ex's daughter, aka MY daughter) as she's got MAD riding skills. And she's a "reet-petite", which certainly helps with the weight & aerodynamics.

    Forcing her to learn to ride better was a complete fluke. When I bought her a CHF50 Metro for her 14th, her SMOTHER got on my case about wanting one too, and like a fool I "loaned" her my entire CB750F fix-up budget for a Yam 125 Vino -

    (((Which I might get a chunk back from soon, when she sells it. Managed to turn the conversation around when she mentioned it and I offered to buy it - for what small chunk of it I've been reimbursed - which made for a smoother transition to "Hmm, come to think of it, it'd be better to sink the OTHER half of that equation into my OWN bike....." Heh-heh. Meh - I've never griped about crap like that with her, after all I DID "pull a Rumpelstiltskin" on her!)))

    I couldn't have planned this out, couldn't have thunk it up, it was pure serendipity. Her smother began chasing her around on the bigger scooter, wearing the same clothes & shoes, using the same hair dye etc - Shouting obscenities like "We look like we could be SISTERSSSSSSSS....." Driving the Kid EVER faster & faster. (She goes by the handle "Ever", though I have yet to see her perform the "Vision Quest" ceremony necessary for a name change - perhaps a summer alone in Costa Rica at 16, and spending her 19th year a broad in South-to-South-West Asia, SOLO, counts as a proxy Vision Quest?)

    Suffice it to say, all of the CHF50 "Brownie Points" had dropped off the game board. I'd gone from "Tops Pops" to the bottoms. UNTIL, that is, we had some time alone with those bikes to explain how "When the Cat's away, the mice will play". And I was out of the doldrums. How EVER, she was still stuck with the problem.

    Some time later, I thought I'd help her with some math homework, which over her shoulder appeared to be some Calculus, graphing "limits".

    The textbook turned out to be "Proficient Motorcycling" which she'd bought with her own funds, along with EVER-y book on the subject from the library where she worked, stacked up to appear as though a student's text-book collection.

    She'd been studying the best line through a CHICANE corner!

    Couldn't be more proud. She's got MAD, MAD scooter-jockey skillz.

    As such, though the "KZ440LOL" be halfway shelved due to some messed up 4LS to 39mm fork adapting, offered by my local machinist -

    (((The new axle was a P.O.S. with a ratched up over-sized hex end in the same size as his fugly Terminator-II replica Hardly-Able,Son - So what, we're supposed to carry around an extra wrench in Imperial, in our on-board tool-kit? Jeebuz. What's more, he's actually cut more off the speedo-side shoe-plate from the Suzuki 4LS, such that even the original CB900F axle requires a spacer in there now - Instead of avoiding cutting off as much material, he cut off MORE. Ugh. As such, I've got to have a bushing pressed to fill the speedo gear pocket - at least I'm running an electronic speedo with magnet sensor run through an old cable-sheath, but can I trust HIM to do the bushing? Ha! PLUS - he screwed up the steering stem swap, using the original stem and spinning new threads over the OLD ones such that there are grooves without lands and it won't hold the torque - Then he spun out the drums to the stated max spec, rather than my instruction to go over-sized, such that my bigger shoe lining job is useless. It's ALL useless. Argh.)))


    AS I was saying - What with the KID showing such great potential, I doubt there's any NEED for a "KZ440LOL" - And I'm looking at all of the wonderful extra bits from the CB900F, extra extra-fantastic wire-spoke alloy rims rejected from the "CB900K0 Bol Bomber" project - they add up to a perfect upgrade package for a DOHC CB750F/C/K as a "Featherweight" build, it's even got a CB900C Hondaline fairing-bracket which is quite suitable for a DUSTBIN.... The idea being, a 736cc stocker with good aerodynamics like that, SHOULD be able to keep up with the 985 hauling MY 280-ish-lbs. (After I lose fifteen pounds.....)

    Yeah seriously though, YA'LL ought to be looking to the WYMYNZ & the GRRRLz for an alternate jockey.

    Through working on handicapable rear-sets mods for my 'Bol Bomber', and the 3.0x16" vintage alloy rims on the "KZ440LOL" with the low-profile Maxi-Scooter tires in 110/70-16 & 140/70-16, and at the same time researching vintage alloy Borrani/Rudge automotive type rims in sizes like 3.0x12" for a SCOOTER wire-spoke wheel-swap (some weird conical spoke lacing, but it might work with some interesting single-sided over-size DRUM hubs - or the single-sided disc mounting typical of scooters with 3.0x12" rims.... Well, my POINT I guess, is it's all giving me ideas about bikes built for people of a smaller stature. I mean, there are dwarves out there who ride a full-sized '90s 600cc sport-bike, just sliding off to the side where anybody else might drop a tip-toe. Brilliant stuff. But for LSR in particular, the possibilities inherent to a more compact JOCKEY and a lower overall profile, less frontal aspect meaning far superior aerodynamics - Well it boggles the scrotum just to visualize the possibilities!

    Given that the rims on the "KZ440LOL" are period-correct to the '60s and already used in classic SIDE-HACK racing, & being that there are already modern "CHEATER" tires available to run a WM3 rim as though it were a WM4 or WM5, I've really gotta wonder whether there's any chance of using the more modern low-profile tires on 16" rims of say, 2.5" & 3.0" if the 3.5" were somehow excluded - ARE there any regulations barring this type of wheel from many Classic racing series? Even if it's just the switch from fugly old BALLOON tires from Coker etc, to these low-profile Maxi-Scooter tires? They could be the bias-ply version rather than the radial, I mean - if people were really gonna bitch about the radials. There's just SOOO much could be done with 'em!

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